GS525 2004
GS525 Fall Semester, 2004      
Instructors: van Keken, Ehlers, van der Pluijm, and Ruff    
Lecture Time: M, W at 9:30-11:00 am; 3540 CCL    
Discussion Time: F at 9:30-10:30; 3540 CCL    
Month Date Lecturer Lecture Topic (Mon, Wed) Leader Discussion Topic (Fri)
8 All Organizational
13 van Keken Heat generation and transport
15 van Keken Heat generation   PVK PvK
20 van Keken Heat transport
22 van Keken Thermal convection PVK PvK
27 van Keken cooling model convection & chemistry
29 Ehlers Coupling of Climate and Tectonics: Orogeny, Orography, and Erosion PVK PvK
Oct 4 Ehlers Erosion & Thermal Weakening - Principles of heat advection
6 Ehlers Force and Rheology I: Stress, Strain, and lithospheric rheology TAE Computer lab: Intro to Matlab and calculating crustal geotherms
11 Ehlers Force and Rheology II: Forces applied to lithospheric plates
13 Ehlers Elevation and Shape I: vertical motion in the crust TAE Computer lab: erosion, sedimentation, and failure envelopes
18 Study Break
20 Ehlers Elevation and Shape II: Erosion on the orogenic scale TAE Computer lab: geomorphic transport laws
25 Exam 1 Exam on van Keken and Ehlers material 
27 van der Pluijm Brittle Failure vdP vdP
Nov 1 van der Pluijm Faulting
3 van der Pluijm Friction vdP vdP
8 No Class - GSA Meeting
10 No Class - GSA Meeting none
15 van der Pluijm Ductile Flow
17 van der Pluijm Defects and Microstructures vdP LJR/vdP
22 Ruff Whole Earth structure
24 Ruff Seismic discontinuities & interpretations LR LJR
29 Ruff Earthquake source mechanisms
Dec 1 Ruff Anisotropy, Mantle tomography LR LJR
6 Ruff Anisotropy, Mantle tomography
8 Ruff/vdP Seismogeology LR LJR/vdP exam
10 Exam 2 Exam on van der Pluijm and Ruff material
13 No Class - AGU meeting