Global Change:
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The Sustainability Challenge

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Global Change: The Sustainability Challenge explores scenarios for human sustainability and builds competencies in systems thinking and critical analysis, toward planning a sustainable future and to support responsible decision-making that minimizes impacts on the planet’s ecosystem and resources.

Increasingly, millions of human-initiated and natural activities are altering the planet on which we live. Over the past century, through our ever increasing population and mastery of technology, we have been changing our planet’s environment at a pace unknown in Earth’s natural history.  In Global Change - The Sustainability Challenge, students study the impacts of modern human society and its institutions on land, ocean, air, ecosystems, resources and human well-being, and consider practical, political and ethical considerations relevant to a sustainable human future.  Group discussions and analysis of spatial data are used to investigate the role and impacts of change, toward developing mitigation and adaptation strategies.  In addition to spatial data analysis, a team term project focusing on solutions is part of the hands-on component of the course.

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Program Director: Ben van der Pluijm